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Researchers: Terramycin usage will be higher in 2014

After some research by health insurances, Terramycin still being is used mostly in the UK. It's slightly moving up which is not a bad thing, because it's a safe to use antibiotic. It is an antibiotic that works against a wide range of bacteria. That means you can get Terramycin from your doctor for a lot of different diseases.

Because of the wide use for different diseases, some bacteria are developing resistance, which are reducing the effectiveness of the treatment by some infections. It is still used for infections like Chlamydia and pneumonia. In some rare cases it could be used on different bacteria, but it's not that common.

The founder of Oxytetracycline

The medicine is created by Pfizer after R.B. Woodward has worked out the structure of oxytetracycline in the 50's. So it's already a known medicine for over 60 years. The same man also has worked on the discovery of doxycycline, which is another popular antibiotic that is still used today.

The future of Terramycin

The researchers are optimistic about the future, while the resistance of bacteria will be higher. That's not exactly what you would expect, but they say we just have to be careful that we not overload the patients with Terramycin by any cause of bacteria. That way we can control the resistance for years to go.

Usage statistics on Terramycin

Below we present you the statistics in a diagram.


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